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The Trickiest Part of Reaching Your Goals is Keeping Your Focus

The first step toward “living the dream” is to set some goals for yourself. It is absolutely necessary in order for you to realize what it is that you have always longed to have or desired to be. Even if making objectives helps build a clearer vision of the future for you, it can only keep you motivated for a limited amount of time. After a while, you can start to get bored, and finally, you might find that you have no idea where you are. You need to steer clear of doing that if you want to have any chance of being successful. Here are some pointers to help you stay on track with the accomplishment of the objectives you’ve always set for yourself.

Determine your objectives. First, you need to have a firm grasp on exactly what it is that you want. Never accept the viewpoint of another person regarding the goals you desire to accomplish. What really counts is what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life and whether or not that drives you to be successful. Stop listening to people who don’t really understand what it is that you want, and do everything in your power to get started on planning out your dream.
Cut the goal into manageable chunks. It’s likely that some of your goals will appear to be too ambitious and unachievable for you to complete, which is another reason why you could take your eyes off of them. When it already appears like an impossible task, break down your goal into its component parts. Look into what you can do to fix the problem; sometimes you just need to start over.

Get your act together. Although it is quite obvious what this component does, many people overlook it. I will presume that you have already selected the most important objectives from the list of goals you have. You should get a free software that allows you to look back to your initial purpose with your objective if you ever find yourself feeling lost in the whirlwind of your responsibilities. Applications such as Google Docs and Evernote can be of great assistance.
Get an accountability buddy. You are aware of who to speak to when all other options have been exhausted. It is possible for that person to serve as your accountability partner in the process of goal-setting and achievement. Sharing your ambitions with another person will assist keep you on track with the actions you need to take to realize your objectives. When you are feeling discouraged, that person will encourage you to put in hard work and motivate you to get back up when you fall down.

Avoid energies that are poisonous. Toxic energy can come from the people around you, the work that you do, the environment that you are in, or even something as simple as a post on Facebook that stresses you out. You always have the option to disregard what they say. Keep in mind the 90/10 principle that was developed by Stephen Covey. It says that “10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and 90% of life is decided by how you react.” Whenever you perceive anything toxic coming your way, avoid them as soon as possible. The saying goes that “10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and 90% of life is decided by how you react.”

Keeping your eye on the prize might be a very difficult task; yet, this is the only way for you to watch as your dreams come true, one at a time, in front of your very eyes.