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Web Crawlers – How Search Engines Work

It is the search engines that are ultimately responsible for bringing your website to the attention of the potential clients. Therefore, it is preferable to have an understanding of the inner workings of these search engines and how the information is presented to the user who has initiated a search.

The majority of search engines fall into one of two categories. The first method utilizes robots that are referred to as crawlers or spiders.

Spiders are utilized by search engines in order to index websites. When you submit the pages of your website to a search engine by completing the mandatory submission page, the search engine spider will index the entirety of your website. The term “spider” refers to an automated software that is executed by the system that manages search engines. When a spider visits a website, it will read the material that is really on the website, as well as the Meta tags associated with the website, and it will also follow the links that are connected by the website. After that, the spider will send all of that information back to a centralized repository, which will then index the information. It will go to each website that is linked to on your website and index those websites as well. It’s possible that some spiders will only index a limited number of the pages on your website; to avoid this, don’t make your website so large that it has 500 pages!

The spider will frequently revisit the sites in order to look for any information that may have been updated since its last visit. The moderators of the search engine are the ones who decide how often something like this occurs.

A spider is similar to a book in that it stores the table of contents, the actual text, as well as the links and references for all of the websites that it discovers during its search, and it is able to index up to one million pages every day.

Example: Yahoo, Bing and Google.

When you ask a search engine to find something, it is actually searching through the index that it has built and not the actual website that you have requested it to search. As a result of the fact that not every search engine employs the same algorithm to search through the indexes, the results produced by the various search engines can vary greatly.

One of the things that an algorithm for a search engine looks for is the number and location of keywords on a web page; however, it is also able to detect artificial keyword stuffing and spamdexing. After then, the algorithms investigate the ways in which individual web pages are connected to one another over the World Wide Web. An internet search engine can figure out what a page is about by looking at the pages that link to it and seeing if the keywords used on those linked pages are comparable to the keywords used on the page being searched.